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A Story About Gideon's Victory

A script based on Judges 6 and 7. God gave the Israelites the Promised Land, but they forgot their God, so He allowed the Midianites to rule. One day Gideon goes to thresh some wheat and is approached by an angel.

The angel greets him as a mighty soldier and says, "I am the angel of the Lord and I am sending you to save Israel from the Midianites!" Gideon doesn't believe what he hears, but is finally convinced. He gathers 32,000 men to fight the Midiantes, but this is too many men! Gideon and the angel find a unique way to pare the number of fighting men to 300, then march forth to fight the most famous "non-battle" in history.

Readers: 4
Script Length: 5 Pages
Performance Time: 3 minutes

Price:  $14.95
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